Getting across Staten Island
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How do I get across Staten Island?

I'm going to be stopping in NYC for a few days for work stuff and I have to visit a facility in Staten Island. I can get around Manhattan pretty easily and can get to and from the airports, but I've never been to Staten Island. What's the best way to get from Times Square to The Teleport in Staten Island? Train/Ferry/Bus? Taxi? Autogyro?

Forgive me, I'm from LA and have no proper conception of mass transit.
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What the address of The Teleport? It's been years since I lived on Staten Island, but maybe I can help you if I know where the place is.
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From the ever-handy MTA Trip Planner:
From: TIMES SQUARE - Manhattan
To: 1 TELEPORT DR - Staten Island
From 42ND ST - TIMES SQ map

Take the SOUTH FERRY (A LOOP) bound Train departing at 09:03 AM SERVICE ADVISORY
Get off at RECTOR ST STATION at 09:20 AM

Walk 0.10 miles Southeast to BROADWAY & EXCHANGE AL map

Take the PT RICHMOND bound X10 Bus departing at 09:28 AM
Arrive at CASTLETON AV & HEBERTON AV at 10:17 AM

Transfer to the W SHORE PLZ via CASTLETON bound S46 Bus departing at 10:24 AM
Get off at SOUTH AVE & 1200 SOUTH AVE at 10:43 AM

Walk 0.35 miles South to destination
That is roughly a two hour bus ride, but it will be cheap. If you do not want to use the bus, you could probably call a car service in advance for under $50 one-way.
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Best answer: Bah, the trip planner doesn't allow for the possibility of taking the (free) Staten Island Ferry.

If *I* were doing this, I would take the 1 subway line down to South Ferry, get out there, get on the Staten Island Ferry, walk to the big bus terminal, and get on the same S46 bus there.

This basically substitutes a fast, pleasant ferry ride for a long, annoying, stuck-in-traffic bus ride over the Verrazano Bridge.
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Response by poster: Perfect!
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Of course after the ferry ride - you could also take a taxi to the Heliport. I believe there are usually taxis waiting at the ferry terminal.
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