What's the deal with Shareexp.us
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What's the deal with Shareexp.us? I keep getting emails that someone is trying to share an experience with me, but they won't send it to the listed email, and instead post to this site?
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Since the site doesn't seem to actually exist, I'm going to guess that it's just a spammer's trick to get you to click something. Try viewing the HTML code in the emails you're getting to see where they're really trying to send you.
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I was thinking about giving in to curiousity (5 e-mails in the past week), but then I read their "FAQ" and it sounded like something an angry 12-year-old wrote, so I'm assuming scam. Or in the most generous possible scenario, a horribly unprofessional service.

That said, they do seem to respect your wishes after you opt out. I haven't gotten any further e-mails from them.
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I, too, have gotten a ton of these lately, to an email that no one but two other spammers use. I assumed it was spam.
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Total scam: Snopes is there.
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It is spam, and it is a scam. I googled it, using some of the language in the message and found information about an earlier version of the same thing. In order to find out what "someone is saying about you" or "wants to share with you" you have to buy a membership or registration or something, which then means simply that you can send that "person" an email, via the "share" site, which they can choose to respond to also through the site, or not. In other words, nobody is trying to communicate with or about you, good or bad. it's just a trick to try to get you to pay for a registration.
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