My kingdom for a some narrow-calved boots!
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I long for the carefree, halcyon days of my youth (or even my early 30s) in which boots regularly fit my legs snugly. Now, evidently, I am the last narrow-calved woman on the planet. Help me not have to wear the same boots for the fifth season in a row!

Honestly, I never had this problem until a few years ago, so I am assuming that boots have all gotten universally wider-calved ever since the trend of tucking in your jeans came back. *shudder*

In fact, given that I've actually gained about 10 lbs. and put on some calf muscle in recent years, if anything, my calves are less narrow than they were several years ago... and yet finding snug-fitting boots has, for some reason, become an odyssey. Here's what I'm looking for:

- Black leather, knee-high dress boots
- Must have zipper -- the pull-on ones always look cheap and/or sloppy to me (and they're usually synthetic anyway, not leather)
- No more than a 2.75" heel (3" absolute max.)
- Kitten-heel and round or pointed toe preferred
- Calf circumference of less than 14.5"
- $250 or less

To state the obvious: yes, I've checked Zappos. They don't have anything in their (small) selection of narrow-calf boots that fit these preferences. I just bought a pair from that supposedly had 14.25" calves that fit all other stipulations, but they just arrived and -- curses! -- the calves are actually nearly 15". My Sudini boots from about 5 years ago still fit beautifully, but they are getting really, really, really beat up, and so I desperately need a new pair. (The Sudinis that I bought -- and returned -- via Zappos recently also had 15" calves.)

Are there any sources/brands/etc. I'm overlooking? Are there any snug pull-on boots that don't look like cheap crap? Am I really the only woman who refuses to tuck her jeans in to her boots? These are the questions currently trying my soul.
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I'm bookmarking this question because I have very skinny legs and also desire some sweet boots. The only tall boots I own that come close to fitting my calves are from Aerosoles, and they are of the stretchy-pleather pull-up kind. They look ok, I think, and were about $100.
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You can get them taken in at any shoemaker for cheap, even if they're zippered.
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Duoboots have them by calf circumference.
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Best answer: 14.5" = 36.8cm. If you're on the smaller end, go for the 36cm. These are pretty sexy.
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Nordstroms has some too.
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Response by poster: barnone, I think I love you. Those are FANTASTIC.
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Response by poster: (the Navias from Duoboot, I mean. They are exactly -- exactly -- what I wanted! But those Nordstrom boots are cool too.)
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Seconding duoboots, I love the ones I've got. I'm on the other end of the calf problem, though; but they fit pretty much perfectly.
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Hmm.. not clear about the zipper on there though. Email them?
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I bet these are slim - email for calf size maybe? Or google for more product info elsewhere.

A few more options -- look through Piperlime for other ideas.
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What size are you? There are some good sales out there but it depends on your size. (ahem). These are 14" and too expensive, but waterproof and sexy!
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(Sorry about the numbers - not trying to be rude, at all, I know how frustrating this is -- I'm just tired and don't have the patience to list the brand/model for each :-)
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Love these. Last one! Night!
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Duoboot has other cute styles if that one doesn't have zippers. Bows!
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Don't know if these (Fluevog Nicki) would work, or if barnone already covered them, but these fit your description, have narrow shafts (read the reviews!), barely squeeze into your budget range, and for some reason aren't coming up when I search Zappos without the model name.

I found them on eBay for a lot less than the retail price. They're the sexiest boots I've ever owned, and they're ridiculously comfortable.
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I've got skinny calves too. 90% of boots look like elephant ankles on me. But I've had some luck with Banana Republic, Kenneth Cole/Cole Hahn & Ralph Lauren.
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Sergio Rossi will satisfy your every need -- and he's right around the corner
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I've had pretty good luck with vintage boots on ebay. Most of the sellers will give you all the measurements of the shoe, including the calf circumference. It's one of the only places I've been able to find boots that fit my chicken legs.
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These Doc Martens tall boots (Dana High Leg) are awesome -- cool-looking, comfortable, and really slim through the calf. I love them!
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone -- barnone, I especially appreciate all your sleuthing! You've inadvertantly demonstrated, though, what's been part of the ongoing difficulty: even boots that appear to have slim calves often don't. In the past year I've already bought and returned the Bandolinos, the Sudinis, the RSVP's, and the Nine Wests you found -- all of them too wide in the calves, even the ones listed as having 14" circumferences.

Still, there are some great new leads here from everyone (especially Duoboots!)... I'm just sure my new boots are out there somewhere. (And for the other slim-calved ladies out there, if I really do find something that fits, I'll post the results.)
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Ah, too bad. The Prevata boots I posted have a 12 1/2" circumference -- maybe that's better? They're more expensive, but shipping is free. I bet you'll find something on Duoboots -- they seem to have lots of rad combinations. You might pay because of the exchange and shipping, but I bet you can convince a Brit friend or Mefite to relay the shoes to you. And if you honestly keep them for 5 years? A bit more in shipping will be worth it! Good luck -- let us know what you get!
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Just buy whatever boots you want and take them to a cobbler. Problem solved.
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Response by poster: Just buy whatever boots you want and take them to a cobbler. Problem solved.

Not really. I took one pair I bought last year to a couple of different cobblers, and the price quotes to get them adjusted to fit my calves/ankles were all more than the boots cost in the first place.
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