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Secret hat cameras or button cameras.

What do they generally run? How do they work? Where do they download their film to? How hard are they to get to work? Will they download onto any Mac or PC?

Seriously, I'm just doing research about this stuff for a script I'm not writing. Because I've decided research is the most impotant thing right now. Not writing. Writing just gets in the way of me web surfing about hidden camera sting operations.
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This camera system looks perfect for your, *ahem*, grassroots needs. You can plug in multiple types of cameras (button, hat/helmet) and the video is recorded onto a 30gb HD for later transfer to your Mac or peecee. I can't personally vouch for its reliability or ease of use, but it seems pretty straightforward.

And yes, research *is* the most important thing right now. Not writing your script. Because actually writing it now would make you a dirty scab. Don't be a dirty scab. My WGA brethren and I thank you in advance. ;-)
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Response by poster: I'm WGA, brother, and I ain't scabbin', I'm writing a spec for when the strike is over. Aren't we all? Isn't there going to be a flood of genius work when the strike ends?
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I agree with the angry.polymath that the camera he found looks straightforward. But mostly I'm posting to say I hope they pay you WGA guys a LOT more and this strike is over soon.
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Take a look here. It lists some interesting ones.
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