Help me find a recording studio in LA
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Does anyone know of an affordable but quality studio where I can record vocal tracks?

My band is working on a demo, and we find it easy enough to do the production asynchronously - I can record my guitars in my home, the percussion is electronic, etc, but I can't get a good vocal take / don't trust my equipment and ears well enough to do it myself. Can any of you recommend a recording studio in LA that doesn't cost an arm and a leg where I can bring in a rough mix of the rest of the band and just lay down vocal takes? I've googled etc, but I don't know many people in bands to ask for personal recommendations.
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There are a lot of local studio players with in-home studios that are set up with Pro Tools and have pretty damn great equipment... honestly, they sound pretty good and they'd be a lot cheaper than the typical full studio. I don't know what kind of stuff you're recording, but I remember the jazz guys I know always recommended people to me.

Also, if you're interested, Hen House Studios sometimes will let you record for free if they can make a documentary video of you recording and use it for promotion. Well, that's what I hear anyhow.

Have fun & good luck!

God, I miss making music in LA. So much creativity there. :)
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Oh, and there's a studio at the Musician's Union that I hear is pretty cheap and not bad.

BTW, if you want to ask any of the old studio guys if they have any recommendations for places to record, I'd suggest going to Spazio or Charlie O's in the Valley and casually chatting up the jazz band during a break (offer to buy them a drink, that'll probably work). They might have studios in their own homes, you never know. There isn't a lot of money in jazz so those guys are generally open to making a few extra bucks or recommending their friends for it (ask them about the Musician's Union too).
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