Lost in Orlando
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I have a relative who will be in Orlando from december 8 to 18. I'd like to order some (photo) products online and have them sent to a safe/reliable address where he can pick them up. Many places, like B&H, will not ship to a hotel. Is there any way around this? I don't know anyone in the city.
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You could send them general delivery to the post office, and he could pick them up there.
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Kinkos/Fedex will also hold packages at their shop in many cases.
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If it's just prints and the like many of the online photo processors will print at the major drug and chain stores. You can order from Kodak online for example, and have the prints ready at a local target in a couple of hours.
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seconding COD; you can upload your photos to Walgreens and pick them up at any location.
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Call the Kinkos/Fedex shop in question to determine their fee structure/see if they're wiling before sending the package.

Atleast with some UPS stores, they only recieve packages from existing customers with mailboxes. I ended up picking up my parcel from the local UPS depot in that case.
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you might be able to send it to the local american express office.
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I have had B&H send approximately $5k of photo equipment to a hotel in Dallas.

The key is to make sure his name is on the package as "guest".
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Could you make an order that he could pick up at a store in Orlando? Often bricks & mortar retailers (local or chains) will have "pick up at store" as a delivery option when you shop on their web site.
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Thanks everyone for the replies and suggestions. I might try the Main Post office, or Fedex. I'm not ordering prints, but photo equipment, sorry if I didn't make this clear.

Winston, I tried finding the items I wanted locally first, but couldn't find any brick and mortar stores that sell what I need.
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