Suggestions for easy ways to automate selling prints of my photos online?
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Suggestions for easy ways to automate selling prints of my photos online? Websites/vendors that will do this?

Gonna try selling prints to raise money for a trip to Guatemala, and I'd like to figure out an easy way for people to "click and buy" a print of a photo. I know there are a few shops online that'll let you do this, but wanted to know if people have any experience with them. (I'd prefer other methods besides just uploading them to Shutterfly or Ofoto and linking them up, if possible.)

Ideally, I'd like to be able to display the photos on my site (or a customizable template on the printer's site), the buyer then specifies print size, gives their address, pays, and the printer ships it to the buyer. Obviously the printer takes a larger cut for handling the printing, payment processing and shipping stuff, but as I'm totally new to the field I figure it wouldn't be a bad place to start out. Thanks!
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Not totally related, but perhaps an idea would be to use a service like and create books of your work?

Great idea though. Good luck!
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Why not make your own web page with small sized images and a paypal store for accepting payments. You can set prices for each size and a rate for shipping. You could save a ton on overheads if you just did the printing yourself (even locally).
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I haven't tried them myself, but I've heard lots of photographers recommend SmugMug. They have various membership levels, from $40/year to $150/year, with various feature levels.
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imagekind seems to be what you're asking for. I only have experience with them as a buyer, not a seller, but it seems to work pretty well.
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CafePress sells framed prints.
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What about DeviantArt?
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