Where's a good place to buy running shoes in London?
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Where's a good place to buy running shoes in London?

I started running about 10 weeks ago, and have built myself up to a decent level - so I think I now deserve to splash some money on new shoes!

But as I'm not generally a sporty person, I don't really know how to make sure I get the right shoes. So - can anyone recommend a decent shop in central London (SW London - Richmond, Twickenham, Kingston etc - is OK as well) where they'll actually assess me properly, and not take advantage of my lack of knowledge!

I was thinking of just going to Niketown, but I don't know if they actually do a good job, or if it's just marketing..
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Runners Needs

These are fantastic.. they usually offer free gait analysis, and then suggest shoes based on the results.
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I've never used but heard good things about The London Marathon store.
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London City Runner by Ludgate Circus is good too, with the same analysis etc. Staff helpful as well.
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I was always pointed to Run and Become as the first place to go.
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I used to work near Run & Become, every lunchtime there were men dressed in suits trying out the trainers by running up and down the street. Not sure there are many places that allow you to do that. Never actually bought anything there but based purely on seeing the people trying the shoes like that, would make me think it's worth a visit.
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Yes, I should have added that I got my last pair of shoes there, they certainly made sure I had shoes that suited me (by sending me for that run), and it was fairly busy with people turning up for exactly that service (but not painfully so).
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I'll add to the suggestions for Run and Become - they did a great job of helping me (unfit newbie) get the right fit. And yes, they let me take about 10 pairs of trainers for a run up and down the pedestrian street that they're on.
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Response by poster: thanks all!

Run and Become seems to be the consensus. And I like the look of their website. I'll check them out and try the others if they don't work out.
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