Beating out a dent in an '88 Saab
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BodyShopFilter: I managed to put a big ol' dent in the fender of my 88 Saab. I'm not too upset (anymore) about the dent, but it did put a bulge in the track that my hood runs along. I want to pound the dent out. How do I do it? Do I need a special hammer? Any precautions/tips/tricks? Should I just pay the autobody guy to do it right?
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You might want to pull the dent out. You may be able to do that by attaching a cable to the fender and to an Unmovable Object and reversing slooooowly and gently.

Note: DO NOT let your head and body get anything even close to in-line with the cable. If it were to snap, it'd have every chance of eviscerating you... or worse.

You would want to align the cable in such a way that the angle it's pulling at is tangential to the shape of the curve at the attachment point, I think.
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Response by poster: Ok, let me be a bit more specific:

The dent is actually in the fender, meaning the part of the car above the tire, not the bumper. The dent is more like a deep, deep valley. It's not a paintless dent deal. It's big, and nasty. But I can live with that -- no work needed on the dent itself.

All I want to do is get the resulting bulge at the top of the dent. The only route I can imagine is pounding it out. I'm not willing to spend $200 on this, can I just do it myself?
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Can you post a link to a picture?

Consider pulling or pushing, not hammering. Maybe use a handjack, or a long lever.
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One trick is a plunger. Usually door panels or sides of a truck or mini van. Rather than hammering try the pulling. I thought I saw something that removed dents from those devices "as seen on TV". Check the Autozone or Pepboys for dent fixes.
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