I need my cafe con leche. Help me make it.
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Help me replicate my beloved cafe con leche.

The only thing I miss about my eight years in Miami are the beach, my roommate's dog and the ungodly amounts of Cuban-style cafe con leche I consumed. I want to make it at my new home here in Phoenix but my efforts haven't turned out at all like the stuff I got at the cafes in Miami. What am I doing wrong? Should I be looking for a certain brand of coffee?
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How are you making it now?
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How are you making it? Are you using sweetened condensed milk?
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Response by poster: Well, I bought some Bustelo coffee...which seems to be as strong as the stuff they used in my old neighborhood..and might actually be the same thing. I brew that, double strength and then add about two teaspoons of sugar. Then, I steam the milk, add some um...more sugar...and mix the two together. I'm steaming on the stove. I don't have an actual steamer.
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i was going to say the same thing...i believe you want to make espresso and mix it with sweetened condensed milk. maybe cut it with regular milk if it's too rich?
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Response by poster: I know for a fact that no one used sweetened condensed milk. It was always regular ol' whole milk.
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Bustelo's a decent choice for the actual coffee. I use a stovetop espresso maker, zap some milk in the microwave, and add the espresso to taste. And then sugar it up as necessary. Play around with milkfat levels, too.
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Best answer: Look at this page for what I mean. Also called a café cubano. Wikipedia seems to think you should pull a shot with sugar already in the basket. Worth a shot, I suppose (Groan. Pun not intended. But I left it there, didn't I? Bad me!).
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Response by poster: Stewriffic:
Yup! That's it. I knew there were two sugar entry points. The actual milk and the espresso. Thanks! I treat myself to whole milk when I make this. It's just wrong to put all that sugar in it and then have the nerve to add nonfat milk.
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YAY! Glad to help.
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Yep, Geraldo used to make Cubano shots down at Chatz at 2nd/Howard in SF, and I believe he used either one or two packets of raw sugar in the espresso thingy.
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The secret is adding a tiny pinch of salt with the sugar. Trust me, it makes all the difference.
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I mean, not literally with the sugar, but add it to the warm milk to bring out the flavors.
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Response by poster: Ahh salt...never thought of that one. Thanks!
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Man, this works so well with my Bialletti! Thank you Metafilter! Wooo-hoo! Quality of life improvement!
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My barista friends used to add sugar to shots they were pulling for an iced americano. They stopped after they realized that it was gunking up their hardcore top-of-the-line machine. So if you're using a $10 stovetop espresso pot, dandy. But you might not want to use this technique with a fancy dancy machine.
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