Duplicate events created in GCal using Firefox 3 Beta 1?
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Why has Google Calendar started to duplicate my new events (same day, same time)? This only happens in Firefox 3 Beta 1.

Obviously, I’m using a browser that Mozilla hasn't recommended for day-to-day use, so if it bothers me too much, I'll just go back to FF 2 for the time being.

But, has anyone else noticed this? Whenever I create a new event, it shows up twice, side-by-side. It only happens when I click on a day, drag out a duration, and enter in the details from there — it doesn't happen with the Quick Add field. It didn't happen with FF 2, and it still doesn't happen with Safari. Anyone found a fix?
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It just sounds like an incompatibility with FF3 and since it's still in beta, I would venture to guess it just hasn't been fixed yet by Google. Have you tried posting this in the Firefox forum? They're pretty good about replying. If it's a FF issue, they'll address it. If it's on the Google end, then they'll let you know and you can report a bug.

I wouldn't report it as a bug, until you see what the FF people have to say about it.

Also, since it's in beta, I would recommend that you do all of this to help other users.
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