What book writing software exists for Max OSX?
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What book writing software exists for Max OSX?

I want to write a book that will be likely published at Lulu. This will be a book on how to use a specific website building CMS, so it will be a typical instructional book.

I know about Scrivener and am really tempted to give it a try.

I also might just use my copy of Pages.

What else is out there?
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Asked before.
posted by dead_ at 10:28 AM on November 28, 2007

Ahh sorry - I searched by somehow didn't see that.
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Actually, it's been a couple of years since the question was last asked, so it seems worth asking in the light of new software released since then. I don't think the responses to the earlier question mentioned Scrivener.

I wrote a book in Scrivener and loved it.
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Apparently Scrivener is the bomb.

Steven Poole has an interesting read story on his move from Word to Writeroom.
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I was looking for a good notetaking application and ended up trying out a bunch of book writing software. I settled on Avenir and MacJournal. Avenir is supposedly built for fiction, but you can easily adapt it to your own needs as it's fairly flexible. I use MacJournal for daily writing and quick idea jotting.
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Some really great software out there. I checked a few out and will be going forward with Scrivener, thanks all!
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