If I could afford a piano I would already have one...
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Help me find a keyboard/synth with these specifications.

I am looking for a used keyboard/synth with the following specifications: 1) 61 keys or more, 2) weighted/aftertouch keys, 3) MIDI in/out (ability to act soley as a MIDI controller), 4) no internal speakers, 5) decent internal piano patch(es) similar to the Yamaha Motif series heard here 6) under $500 (eBay/used).
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Response by poster: I should also note that I don't want/need an internal sequencer or any effects. The ability to load samples directly into the ROM of the synth would be a plus though.
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Does it need to be all one unit? You could do a cheap AKAI sampler and a MIDI controller with no internal tone generator, and buy a nice set of piano samples.
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Response by poster: I could buy a controller and an outboard samplers but I suspect that might prove to be more expensive than just buying a used synth with the specifications I listed above. I don't know much about hardware samplers (how cheap is cheap?), but it's something I will look into.
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Look for a Alesis QS8 or QS8.1. They have 88 weighted keys with aftertouch, MIDI in/out and no speakers.

I see a few on Craiglist around and under the $500 price point. The Alesis QS series have decent piano sounds-- and if the internal ones don't work for you, they can use samples loaded on PC cards.

The newest model in the series, the QS 8.2 does not have aftertouch, according to reviews, so it may not quite meet your needs.
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Casio PX110 Privia Digital Piano. I haven't heard the sounds, so can't vouch, but otherwise it meets your criteria. $500 new.

Also, you may get better matches in this case by using the search term "digital piano" rather than "keyboard/synth".
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Seconding alb above. Sounds like what you are looking for is a digital piano (or stage piano).

The cheapest acceptable (pianist speaking here) products in terms of touch & sound would be Korg SP-200 and Yamaha P-70. The Korg has a lighter feel and more rugged case, whilst the Yamaha is a bit more punishing on the fingers but has a more "classical" piano sound.

New they'd be around 600-800 dollars (guessing from Pounds Sterling) but used ones might match the budget.

Also, a cheap used Yamaha Clavinova (CLP-300 or similar) could do the trick... again acceptable touch & sound.

Hope this helps... (and if possible avoid that Casio mentioned above, it sounds hellish...)
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Sorry, forgot to mention that Yamaha P-70 comes with speakers (and outputs).

If you told us a bit about how you are planning to use it, maybe you could get more specific recommendations...
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. What I plan on using it for is improving my piano playing, and for my own entertainment. I would like the digital piano/synth to also double as a controller when I am working on my own music with a software host/sequencer. The P-70 certainly looks like it might be the best option.
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Response by poster: Is there anything like the P70 in terms of sound quality and price that has a 1/4" output? It's a major drawback that the P70 only has a headphone jack.
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