These songs all sounds the same!?
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Where can I find the mashup from few years back that played radiohead and carly simon and nickleback and many more "artists" whose songs all sound almost identical? one track would play in the right channel the other in the left for comparison purposes. It contains the hilarious nickleback v nickleback mashup.
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Response by poster: nope it was far longer and more detailed, more music and i'm pretty sure a carly simon/radiohead mashup and they sound identical.
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Was it something like this? There are a whole bunch of youtube videos on this theme out there.
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Here's your nickleback/nickleback
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Sorry here's the original post about the nickleback thing. The above one is a follow up post.
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Response by poster: andrewstephens: thanks for that not quite what i was looking for but it certainly helps. i didn't even think to look on the 'tube.
jourman2: be11e beat you to it, the mix i'm looking for had at least 10 songs together
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Is it one long track a la Girl Talk? Or different tracks of comparison/mashups? Incidentally, there is a great mashup of Carly Simon and Faster Pussycat doing "You're So Vain" on the Plunderphonics album by John Oswald...
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