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I'm planning a trip to New York with my girlfriend in March of 2008. We're leaving with a bus that stops at Port Authority. I'm wondering what are some moderately priced near by hotels that we could check into.
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You'll get better advice if you also state (i) what you mean by "moderately priced" (in NYC that means $200-400/night, which gives many non-locals sticker shock); and (ii) how close you need to be to the PA (i.e., would a 45-minute subway/cab ride be ok?).
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There's a Holiday Inn Express at 45th and 5th that's been pretty decent, but every time I stay over in the city on my own dime I go for Hotwire. I'm not really familiar with anything right around PA that I would stay in, you'll want to head up closer to Times Square I think.
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Also consider looking for a vacation rental on Craigslist. Might get more for your money that way.
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I've had good luck with Priceline in NYC. Look at biddingfortravel.com for suggestions on bidding strategy and a list of hotels in each zone.
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Sofitel is relatively inexpensive and nearby.

The QT is about a half mile from there and a bargain at $215/night.

Avoid 70 Park - the least impressive of all Kimpton boutique hotels (the others are fantastic; this one is very mediocre by comparison).
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Your cheapest bet is probably going to be a hostel, something like this one, which is a few blocks from the Port Authority and offers private 2-person rooms as well as dorm-style rooms that sleep 4.
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(Can't vouch for that one in particular, just suggesting you might want to consider hosteling as an option.)
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I stayed at the Milford Plaza, once in the summer and once in the winter. Both times we got the room for <$100/night. Not the nicest place, but certainly not the worst. Clean beds, clean room, old plumbing and fixtures.
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I've stayed a couple of times at The Big Apple hostel which mediareport linked to. While it was certainly a long way from being of the same standard as a mid-priced Manhattan hotel, it was very clean, the staff were friendly enough and we (a couple) had no trouble securing our own room, since we weren't particularly interested in the social aspect of hostel accommodation. And it was very cheap.
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Just for the poetic hell of it, you could check out The Chelsea Hotel. It's not too terribly expensive for New York (around $160 per night, I think) and not too far from Port Authority. I've had a few friends stay there over the years and I've always liked meeting them there, having a drink or two by their open window and ruminating on music and celebrity. Funky old building and rooms, lots of interesting art going up the big central staircase.
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The Pod Hotel, perhaps?
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the port authority is right downtown, on the ACE line (blue line) of the subway (at 42nd street). it's not that big a deal to walk / take the subway / hail a cab to a different neighbourhood, even when you're tired or laden with bags- i've done it a lot, and i'm extremely lazy and i have a bum knee- so don't feel that you're geographically restricted. if you find a good place or craigslist rental in a different neighbourhood, take it. unless you have extenuating circumstances you didn't mention, you can make the mini tourist-commute without too much hassle.
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As twistofrhyme said, everything in Manhattan is "nearby", really, thanks to cabs, the subway, and walking. And the neighborhood around Port Authority is not the best. On one side you have Times Square and theaters (so everything's more expensive than it should be) and on the other side you have sleaze.

Chelsea sounds like a good bet for a fun, cheapish hotel; you might also try the Upper West Side as well. Last time I needed accommodation in NY, I ended up staying on 101st at Broadway Hotel and Hostel, which was acceptable and very cheap but probably isn't what you're looking for) but I feel like there are other better yet still affordable options in the area (which is a 10-minute cab ride or 15-minute subway ride from Port Authority).
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