Finding some 11 year old sheets?
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I have some bedsheets from around 1996 (Noah's Ark Printed from Designer's Guild) that I am deeply attached to. Can I get them copied or restored (without loosing the worn in softness)?

So for the past 11 years I have used the same Noah's Ark children sheets from Designer's Guild. I want to know if anybody has these or knows where to buy them. If not does anybody know where I can get them copied in NYC? (price is no object) These sheets are quite important to me (as dumb as it sounds) and it is my dream to continue sleeping in them(without wearing them down more) , and die in them (when I am old).
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Have you tried contacting the designer's guild?
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Ebay saved searches.

How it works.. You specify ebay search criteria, and once a day ebay checks for new hits. If somebody lists your item, you get an email notification. You have to renew this search every six months, but ebay sends email to warn you that the renewal deadline is coming.

In your case, this will work really well, because you can create a very specific search term. It isn't always such a useful feature, because there is often too much noise (imagine if you used the search term "Noah's Ark").
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you can use minus signs ("noah ark -bible") to exclude repeated noise in ebay saved searches. you just have to refine it over time.
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Also, is this the stuff: Designer's Guild Two by Two. That listing suggests there might be a different design called "Noah's Ark", but it isn't completely clear.
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could you scan the motif and then print it on to those iron-on transfer things and then put them on some plain sheets?

alternatively.... turn them in to pillow cases or cushions or frame a part of it.

not sure which part of it is important.... keeping it forever, or sleeping on that design or the softness factor. good luck, you sweet sentimental thing, you.
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