SF Peninsula tube amp repair
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Tube amp repair tech on the San Francisco Peninsula?

I've got a vintage Ampeg B-15N "fliptop" bass amp that needs fixing. Can anyone recommend a reliable amp repair person in the Palo Alto area?

FYI I've tried contacting the folks at Vacuum Tube Valley (http://www.vacuumtube.com) and haven't gotten any response yet.
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Best answer: Can't speak for Palo Alto, but if you're willing to drive 15-20 minutes north, I can whole-heartedly recommend Torres Engineering in San Mateo. They have repaired several of my tube amps. They are very competent, have fair prices, and a reasonable turnaround time.

Directions: 101 North to Hwy 92, exit El Camino North, right on 17th ave., left at Palm Ave., address is 1630 Palm Ave.

Google Maps linky
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Not a boutique, but possibly Starving Musician could help as well.
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