Image of Vault Boy Spoofing Ayn Rand?
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Does anyone remember a short comic parody of objectivism using an archetypal 1950s character in the style of "Vault Boy" from Fallout?

I think the cartoon was called "Atlas Shrugged in Three Easy Steps" or something along those lines, and ended with two men locked in hand to hand combat. Assorted searches have yielded only frustration, but I know I saw a link to the image somewhere here on Metafilter.
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Best answer: I last saw it here, courtesy of Pope Guilty.

Direct Link
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Response by poster: YES. Thank you, thank you.

The floor is now open to more cartoon parodies of Ayn Rand. And yes, I've seen Bob the Angry Flower.
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Have you seen The Fountainhead starring Skull Force? OK, it's not exactly a cartoon.
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Making Fun of Objectivism. Some of the links are dead, but don't let that stop you.
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