Help me find some neat comic anthologies.
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Help me find some neat comic anthologies.

Probably because I grew up on Mad magazines, I'm a fan of comic anthologies like Drippytown, which feature a whole bunch of different artists in each issue. I'm partial to series' like this, because as a amateur comic creator, I like getting exposed to numerous artist's styles as it helps my own taste grow. I'm looking for hot tips on where to find similar series, either by ordering online or at my local comics stores (I live in Vancouver, BC).

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Have you checked out the Flight comics? They're on book 4, and each one is full of great artists and stories. Any self-respecting Borders, BnN, or [insert Canadian Big Box Books] will have them in their comics/graphic novels section.
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Seconding Flight, they're beautiful.
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I highly recommend the Mome series from Fantagraphics books. You shouldn't have any problems finding it in Vancouver, but if you do, you can order from the Fantagraphics website.
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mcsweeney's #13 edited by chris ware, kramer's ergot, best american comics...
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The old Drawn and Quarterly magazine was a phenomenal series...some of the original magazines as well as a couple best of anthologies are available. They've replaced the magazine series with Drawn and Quarterly Showcase, each issue featuring two or three different artists; all of them are recommended. Also, I'll second all of white light's picks, especially Kramer's Ergot, if you like freaky shit.
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In addition to the above, there's MySpace Dark Horse Presents which is all online and free. Image's 400+ monster anthology Popgun is coming out soon. There are two volumes of 24Seven, an anthology based around a city full of robots.

There are some oldies worth hunting down as well. A Smithsonian Book of Comic Book Comics is an excellent find and pretty cheap used, if I remember. Fantagraphic's two volume The Very Best Comics of the Decade is a sterling example of what every anthology should be -- an thorough survey of an era, trapped in amber (in this case, the 80s B&W movement).

If you can hunt down any old issues of RAW without spending a mint, they're pretty much the gold standard of this sort of thing. You couldn't pry mine out of my cold dead hands if you tried.
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Check out the Last Gasp web site. More here.
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Also by Fantagraphics, there's Blab!
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All of these recommendations are pretty much fantastic, and I'd like to add AdHouse's Projects Romantic, Telstar, and Superior, the last of which seems to be totally out of print and going for high prices, but a local comic shop worth its salt might have an copy sitting around unbought. They're themed for romance comics/science fiction/superheroes, but they're all quite clever and well-written and pretty well dodge the clich├ęd tropes of their genres.
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2nd Raw and Best American Comics.
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The Bundles of Trouble from The Knights of the Dinner Table are awesome, if you like table top gaming. Volume 23 is just about to come out.
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I'm not sure if it's the style of comic you're after, but Marvel Digital Comics has a ton of free samples from pretty much the whole spectrum of stuff they've past and present. (And more if you subscribe of course) - Since I'm only familiar with the more recent mainstream releases like Joss Whedon's Astonishing X-Men I don't know how some of the more little known titles might suit your request, but hey, it's free.
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