Shortcut to switching off a calculator.
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I've found that I can switch off most calculators without an "Off" button, by simultaneously mashing buttons and pressing "On". (I usually hold down "5" and "6", then press "On".) Can someone explain to me why and how this is possible?
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Has something to do with ghosting. Probably the microcontroller is either programmed to turn off if it detects something funny with the keyboard, or there's an "off" key programmed that isn't present on your keyboard, but you can ghost to it.
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Is it just "pocket mode"? So that stray keypresses don't run down the battery?
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Weird. On the cheap calculator sitting on my desk 2-3-ON, 3-2-ON and both permutations of 5-6-ON turn off the calculator. Most other numerical combinations don't seem to work, but I'm not going to try every single one.

This is a pretty non-standard calculator. The cheap corporate gift type (very cheap).
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5-6 and on turns off my dollar store solar calculator THAT HAS AN OFF BUTTON! I had no idea. And now I love it.
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Curious: Why turn off a calculator? (Or is yours not solar-powered?)
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Curious #2: why not just turn it off?
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My Casio MS-80TV (generic office supply without Off button) doesn't seem to have a function like this. Rest assured that I'm going to test every calculator I come across for the rest of my life. Thanks a lot.
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#1: For the paranoid college student, enrolled in Math class and with a borrowed calculator with unknown battery levels and no solar power source ... this "off" method feels safer.

#2: Some calculators don't have "Off" buttons.
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