corrupted digital images
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Sometimes photos from my digital camera end up corrupted once they're uploaded to my computer. What's going on and how do I make it stop?

When I upload photographs from my camera (canon xti) to my computer, a bunch of them randomly turn out all corrupted, like this.
It's happened on different memory cards, so I don't think it's a problem with that. I shoot in RAW, if that matters.
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This seems to be a common problem is google is any indicator. Many people have tracked the problem to off-brand or outright fake CF cards and their write rate not being fast enough, overflowing the buffer in the camera.

In any case I haven't found a solution yet. I had this problem once in a Nikon, and tracked it down to me formatting the card on my PC as opposed to doing it in camera. Formatted it in camera, and no more problems.
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I've had this problem if my camera battery is low.
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this is a cool effect. how can I make my pictures come out like this?
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univac, try using the greasemonky script "glitchmonky". (You'll have to install greasemonkey on firefox first.)
which will make your browsing session look like

Here's a bit more glitch art:
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causes of memory card corruption.

One of my photography teachers was particularly adament about reformatting the card (in camera) every time you upload to prevent this.

There have also been some reviews that have mentioned problems also with certain models (not the XTi) that allow power to be disrupted while a write operation is in progress or pending.
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Do you upload them from the camera directly, or use a card reader?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers! I always format in-camera and upload from the camera directly. I think it might by a too-slow write-rate or too-low battery since I don't always fully charge it, so I'll see if changing things helps.
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For what it's worth, really fast cards are not that expensive these days. I'm quite fond of the Sandisk Extreme III and IV. As pro-level cards, they come with nice utilities for card recovery (which I've never had to use, but still...) and lifetime warranties.
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