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Can you give me a guide to the upcoming Australian federal elections? Please highlight with a broad arrow the close races, the bell weather districts constituencies, the handicapping, the pundits' best prognostications, and which web sites and times to watch real time results in the Dominions beyond the Seas?
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Best answer: The ABC's site? It's pretty comprehensive, and this Pom can make sense of it. Here are your key marginals, fr'instance.

(Americans may want a brief primer on the voting system.)

PollBludger has lots of detail, which may make it harder for non-Aussies to follow. Crikey is mainly behind a paywall, but there's decent free stuff.

And I will be listening to Roy & HG doing their inimitable take on the democratic process in about four hours' time.
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holgate has it. Oz politics is also well worth looking at, the tipping comp over there should be reasonable for seeing what people who take a lot of interest are tipping.

The ABC is the place to go for the result as it comes in. The Age and the SMH would be the other places to go.
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Response by poster: At what time will election results be coming in? When do the polls close?
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Polls close 4 hours from now in Queensland, 1 hour earlier in other eastern states, 6 hours (I think) for Western Australia. Preliminary results, probably 5 hours from now.
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Response by poster: Via holgate's comment, this is sweet.
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Best answer: Yeah, give Holgate the bast answer already. Probably too much detail, obscure jiggery-pokery, bad gags and speculation in this thread for non-Ozzers, but who knows, it may amuse.
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The Australian newspaper's website is streaming Sky News' TV election coverage free at the moment, and I assume will do throughout the evening.

Direct link here
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I'm sure there will also be loads of activity on MeFi's own Australian politics thread.
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Whoops! Sorry, Wolof [NOT APOLOGIST]
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