Kreplach recipe wanted
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Looking for a solid recipe for Kreplach. Yes, I know I can google it, but figured I'd first use the expertise of you folks If anyone has a family time tested recipe, please share. Just looking for the Kreplach, not the soup. If there's such a thing as a midwest version, eg like from Des Moines, IA, just to give it a touch of home, even better.
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My Russian grandmother was a kreplach-making machine. She'd spread everything out on the kitchen table and spend all day at it. I was too young to think of her as anything more than an oddity, and now I wish I'd hung around to find out what went in to making them.

The handmade dough was pretty simple--flour and water with maybe some egg. The filling was meat, I believe, because I seem to recall her grinding something. Wish I had more specifics. Gosh, your post is making me wish I could go back in time and kick myself. She's gone now, so I can't call her up! Another piece of my heritage lost forever... :(
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