Blogs of Hollywood -- the place, not the industry
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Help me find blogs about Hollywood -- BUT (and this is important) about the place, not the industry. I am looking for blogs by and for residents of downtown Hollywood, East Hollywood, Griffith Park, the Melrose district, etc.

The blogs can be on any subject -- even the entertainment industry -- as long as they are written from the perspective of people who actually live in the neighborhood.
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Best answer: I think Outside.In would be helpful for something like this.
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franklin avenue.
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Try (which I write for),, and ... and check out the blogrolls on each site. Each blog is written by LA residents.

Is there anything in particular you're looking to learn about? Or just an LA perspective of LA?
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Response by poster: A Hollywood perspective of Hollywood, specifically.
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Response by poster: More to the point, I have a ton of blogs from various neighborhoods of Los Angeles, but don't seem to have many from Hollywood. I am considering a move back sometime, as I lived in Hollywood for three years, and would like to reconnect with my old neighborhood through the neighborhood blogs.
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It's not restricted to just Hollywood, but I enjoy reading through the 1947 Project: a site devoted to LA in the Forties (Hollywood's heyday, in my mind).
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Eating LA is a food blog based in the Silverlake/Los Feliz area.
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Actually, 1947 Project only covered 1947 in its first year. This year they're writing about 1927... but still pretty cool, and you can always check their archives for the 1947 posts...

Another really good site is Curbed LA ( - it focuses on real estate, but includes new stores and stuff... They touch a lot on the rental market, so if you're trying to get a feel for where to move back to, keep an eye on them.
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1947 Project

Wow, I was born in Hollywood in the [very, very] late 40s. I love reading about that period.
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