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My two dogs were playing and the 70lb german shepherd mix started yelping repeatedly like a car alarm...

we rushed in the room and he is laying down, still yelping. Finally he stops, but we really cannot find anything wrong. I back up a few feet and call him, he whines. Afeter a minute or two of looking over him and finding nothing obvious (like a bite or having his penis ripped off) I call him again, he whines and walks to me. He has no limp, maybe walking a little slow. From all the threads I have read, he has torn something or gotten something out of whack. He only seems in pain when he is going from standing to laying down and vice versa and also when he switches side. I bend and extend his legs and he lets me without protest. I will take him to the vet tomorrow. I feel that he is in some pain (panting [actually this has pretty much stopped], very clingy, and whiney in certain situations). Is there anything I can do for his pain tonight? ie human pain remedies for pets. Obviously if he has an other huge episode or something more serious we will take him to the vet and will take him regardless... tomorrow
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Response by poster: sorry, I thought I had this tagged as pets and animals.....
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IANAVeterinarian, (or the dog whisperer for that matter) but your question reminded me of a party I was at a couple weeks ago.
A friend of mine had a new puppy and his girlfriend invited the neighbor from up the street over to hang out. The neighbor brought her pit bull and as soon as he started sniffing the puppy it whined a little bit. This triggered an attack from the pit and it started biting the pup, but not really hard enough to break the skin. The attack totally freaked out the puppy though, and even after everyone managed to pull the pit bull off of it, and despite the fact that the puppy sustained no serious injury it laid there whining and whimpering for some time before we could convince it that it hadn't been injured.
Maybe one of your dogs got a little rough during play and the shepherd was experiencing some of the same effects?
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Response by poster: he can be really wimpy and whiney (german shepherd nature). he doesn't seem to be in emergency vet visit type pain. actually he is shaking some too and panting again.
the dogs play rough all the time. Usually it is the other dog that yelps.
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Response by poster: ok I see somewhere that I can give him one adult 320mg buffered aspirin per 64 lbs.
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I have shepards, for some reason and my vets all voice this opinion as well, they are the whinest dogs on the planet, hands down. Whiney fucking bitches. I mean, I love them and definately have him checked in the morning, but sometimes they are just scared.

Depending on what is hurt, a heating pad and some doggie massage help mine.

Here is a bonus pic of the whinest dogs on the planet.

I also just had a similar thread.
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Response by poster: yeah, I am thinking he is actually fine. he seemed like he wanted to go outside so we went for a little walk. maybe that will help. still to the vet tomorrow.
your dogs are awesome stormygrey. we will probably always have dogs that are gs or gs mix. they are whiny but so smart and wonderful in most other ways!
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My dog used to yelp like that when he threw his back out. It's possible your dog had a pinched nerve.
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Buffered aspirin. At 70 lbs, he can take one average adult dose. My wife gave this to her weimaraner when he was in his final years after hikes and such.
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