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How can I get the logo off of my eyeglass frames without damaging them?

After searching far and wide for a pair of glasses (I am one picky bastard when it comes to these things), I finally purchased a pair I like.

They're great-- good price, I like how they look, and they are very comfortable. One problem: the frames are made by a company called French Connection United Kingdom, so they sport the company's initials (yep, FCUK) right next to my temples on both sides. Normally I abhor this kind of hipster bullshit, but like I said I dig the specs.

But I work with the public, so it just won't fly to be the guy with "FUCK" on his glasses, or even the guy who makes you think that he has "FUCK" on his glasses until you read more carefully.

So great is my faith in you, MetaHive, that I bought these glasses knowing you can help me get the "FCUK" off my glasses without damaging the frames themselves. The frames are black plastic, and the logo appears to be printed (i.e., not pasted or embedded) in white enamel, very small.

The ideal solution to this problem will meet two criteria:
1) It will not be more distracting than the logo itself (covering the logo with black tape, etc.)
2) It will not damage the frames (make them discolored, lose their shine, scratch them, etc.)

Let's also assume that "Dude, you just shouldn't have bought those frames" is not a solution.

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You could try using a sugar cube to grind the logo off. I can't guarantee it'll work - it requires the finish to be harder than the sugar while the enamel is softer. (I tried this with the T-Mobile logo on my Samsung phone and wound up scratching the hell out of it.)

Otherwise consider some sort of covering method - perhaps taking a sharpy to them or whatever.

You could also experiment with solvents which may break down the logo material, but leave the underlying metal or enamel untouched.

Above link shows how to grind off a logo with normal, non-cube, sugar...
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Response by poster: Sugar?

The link offers sugar as a solution for removing logos that are glued on.

This logo is printed on, in what appears to be white enamel paint/ink.
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Are the frames such a color that you could use nail polish to cover it up?
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If you paint the logo black, will it essentially disappear? A small pot of hobbyists enamel paint.
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Response by poster: Are the frames such a color that you could use nail polish to cover it up?

The frames are black plastic. Not too glossy, not flat. Like black sunglasses frames.

I was thinking of going the nail polish route. Maybe I'll do some tests on the inside of my frames.
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Response by poster: If you paint the logo black, will it essentially disappear?

I believe so.

We're getting warmer, and in record time... :)
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You might try a tiny length of adhesive pinstriping from an auto parts store.
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Uh, now I don't know if this will work, but when I asked how to remove rust from on top of my car's paint job, a few people recommended a clay bar kit (obtainable from an auto parts store). When I googled it, I found that in addition to auto detailing, people use this clay bar to safely remove stuff from glass and windows (without scratching). It's an abrasive, so it could in theory grind away the enamel if it's soft enough and if it's on top of the plastic. Then again, it might just get the logo on your glasses *super* clean.

(I'm also assuming that you wouldn't like the "Dude, everybody is familiar with FCUK and you won't offend anybody!" answer, either. :)
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Response by poster: Dude, everybody is familiar with FCUK and you won't offend anybody!

Everybody in Chicago, I'm sure! Old people in small-town Wisconsin are not so cosmopolitan ;P

Actually, the other reason I want the logo off is that I don't wear logos on any of my clothes. And even if I did, for reasons wilful mentioned, I would especially avoid FCUK.
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I used a black Sharpie to color in the Coach logo on the side of my glasses. I also hate logos of any kind but liked the glasses. I have to refresh the ink-in once in a while but it covered well and wears well and doesn't appear any shinier or duller than the plastic around it.
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My glasses are very dark tortoise shell plastic (almost black) and they have a swanky brand name logo in silver paint of some kind on the temple. I've only had them for about 8 months, but I have noticed the logo starting to fade just from my fingers taking the glasses on and off (annoying, since I don't want a half-faded logo, but would prefer all or nothing).

Start the process by just rubbing with your thumb for a few minutes and see if the logo starts to fade and come off. I bet it will.

The only problem with mine, and maybe yours, is that the word on the side of the glasses appears to have been stamped there, so that there is a tiny bit of relief to the letters.
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Everybody in Chicago, I'm sure! Old people in small-town Wisconsin are not so cosmopolitan ;P

Yeah, I understand. I was mainly kidding. From your original post you seemed logo-averse anyway so I get it. :)

I meant to say don't use acetone as well, but luckily fandango_matt did so and offered up even more info about it. Phew.

Seconding Bestine, too.

And what about other types of adhesive remover, like the citrus kind?

If you go with a Sharpie, I'd try the extra fine point, and try to do it really well (straight lines, etc) so that if the logo is still visible in certain light angles, it'll just look like it's supposed to be black-on-black.
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Maybe go after it with a Magic Eraser?
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I've successfully used black nail polish on a silver necklace with a black engraved design... where the black was scraping off, the nail polish nicely touched it up.
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Could you simply replace the arms? Many stores sell mini-screwdrivers specifically for eyeglass repair. You could maybe find a cheap pair of glasses with no markings on the arms, unscrew, screw, voila!
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I've done exactly that with a Magic Eraser. Not suitable for all plastics (scratching is possible) so test it first, but it came up really well.
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pencil eraser to remove, toothpaste to polish.
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Pen erasers are generally tougher than pencil erasers, I know of several folks that 'de-badge' electronics with thembut if there's a glossy finish, you'l; have to buff that back up a little. the toothpaste suggestion works great for that, or a tiny dab of car wax.
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I'd probably use increasingly fine grades of Micromesh to remove the logo and polish the plastic back to its original sheen. Or maybe a metal polish like Simichrome.

If you go to a beauty supply store they should have a "nail buffer" (not a nail file!) with two or three grades of fine abrasive - these are very similar to Micromesh. Use the coarsest one until the logo's gone, then polish with the finer grades to restore the shine.
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Response by poster: Great suggestions, everybody! Thanks!
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Nail polish remover might work as well, but try and test it somewhere not visible first so you can make sure it doesn't discolor or do anything else to the underlying metal.
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I had a similar problem with my "Elizabeth Arden" sunglasses (I hate logos) and I was able to just scrape it off with my fingernail.

I bet the Magic Eraser idea would also work.
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