Stylish shoes that won't make my painful corn worse?
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Shoes that will look stylish but not give me corns?

I have a terrible corn on my right foot, on the second toe from the right. I wear one of two pairs of black pointy flats to work almost every day - they make it worse, but I don't know what else to wear. I had another pair of really similar shoes (I'm a fan of the black pointy flat) that never gave me any problems, so I know they exist. When they started to get scuffed up I drove myself crazy trying to find another pair. Alas, they are no longer made, and the pair I had eventually got so disgusting that my boyfriend threw them away, leaving me to wear nothing but the pairs that gives me horrible corns. Any suggestions for comfortable yet stylish shoes? I am fine with heels, but generally prefer lower ones, and I like pointier shoes.
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Corns are treatable...can't you get rid of it? There's lot of advice online on things to try, or you could go to a podiatrist. There's no reason to be in agony. If you're determined to wear pointy black flats, check Zappos for wider widths - they have some really cute ones that possibly won't squeeze your toes together.

Any suggestions for comfortable yet stylish shoes?

What about boots? They're stylish, and can be very cute, and comfortable as well. It might be easier to recommend something if we knew your style.
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The current style of Wicked Witch of the West, but pointier and with more heel, just seems like torture, in addition to looking ridiculous. I trust this is not what we are talking about, but if so, just walk away. There are shoes, even nice pumps, with a proper toe box. As a guy, I hesitate to recommend a particular shoe, but search for wide toe box and it is amazing what comes up.
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Check these out...

You can read about the woman doctor that developed them below. My wife swears by them. In fact, she claims that they are hands down the most comfortable shoe she owns. This includes tennis shoes.

This is what they have to say about them...

Taryn Rose changed the footwear industry in 1998 by creating a line of luxury shoes that are as comfortable as they are beautiful. Her idea of being well-dressed with a sense of well-being touched a nerve with fashionable women from coast-to-coast, creating a dedicated following for her footwear collection. Formally trained as an orthopedic surgeon, Rose saw patients with many serious foot problems that were caused by fashion footwear, high heels and pointed toes. Being a lover of beautiful footwear, her own feet ached after 14-hour days in shoes with three-inch heels. In the fashion world where beauty and pain go hand-in-hand, Taryn Rose offers women the opportunity to wear exquisite footwear which is also good for their feet.

Hope this helps!
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I'd suggest you look for the brand that you like on Ebay. I can really only wear Evan Picone all-leather pumps, but unfortunately they stopped making them for the US market. Now I have an Ebay search set up for them so that I get an email every time a pair is for sale. I've bought a couple of pairs that are practically brand new.
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Jesus, those Taryn Rose shoes are like $600.

I'd go for Ecco shoes if I were you. More comfort than style, but they're no fugly nurse shoes or anything.
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If you still want the point, you'll have to go with a shoe where the point is past where your foot ends. With round toes coming back in style, maybe go with something round? I personally like pointed better myself as a short lady, since they make the legs look longer, but it's actually harder to find pointy shoes now that they aren't as trendy.
Boots are also a good option, as well as wider widths like someone else suggested. You could also try putting a band-aid or something over the area that is being bothered.
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Franco Sarto supposedly makes comfy, fashionable shoes. They all have padded soles. Here's a pointy black patent flat for under $100.

Clarks shoes are also very comfy. The collection isn't as stylish, but you can find a few cute ones after sorting out all the old-lady looking ones. Some samples: leather with wedge, black flat, another black flat. It's hard to find pointed toes with them.

You might also consider buying some corn cushions/other padding that you can stick inside your shoe. That way you can put it directly above your corn, and you can wear any shoe you want.
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To add to my comment above:

Corn cushions: [one], [two]
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These Kenneth Cole Reaction flats don't look bad. I've tried them on in a store, and they were fairly wide. Is your corn on the side of your toe or on top? i.e. Do you have it because your shoe is too narrow at the toe part or because it is pushing down on your toes?

KCR also has other cute shoes with low heels. I linked to Zappos because I noticed everybody else did. I've never bought from Zappos before, but I have to say, they are more expensive than a department store. Especially on a sale day (even a moderate first markdown sale day).
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It's on the top off to the right side. I think it's because the shoe is pushing down on the toes...i'll definitely check out Kenneth Cole.
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My main issues with shoes is that my toes are wide (my feet are diamond-y) and anything vaguely pointy hurts my feet like crazy.

I found that the best shoes for these are those from Denmark. They look stylish but are comfortable. I bought a pair of "Playboy" ones (I doubt they are the same company as Hugh Hefner's Playboy) and love them. Maybe look up Scandinavian brands?
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