leaving las vegas
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Get me from vegas to la in 24 hours via scenic roads and sights.
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ever read fear and loathing? well, drive through the desert, see where barstow actually is and have a laugh.

also stop by mojave and drive along the fence of the airport. lots of old, dying jet aircraft.

here are a few images.
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Take the 95 to beaty. then the 374. Stop at Rhyolite. It's a beautiful ghost town. Explore the old buildings and the mines. Continue on the 374 to Death Valley. Take the North Highway south to 190. Follow the 190 until you hit 136, and follow that north to Lone Pine. Take the 395 from Lone Pine south to the 14. Follow the 14 through the desert and Red Rock Canyon until you hit Mojave. Stop to look at the airport and its airplane graveyard (storage, technically). While you're there, remember that this is the place where Burt Rutan won the X-Prize a few years back. Consider staying the night at the affordable Motel six here. From Mojave, take the 58 East to Barstow. Have a look around the old downtown. 247 south from Barstow to the 18, and the 38 west along Big Bear Lake back to the 18. Head west to the 330 and from there onto the 30, then interstate 10 into LA. Total travel time is abnout 11 hours, giving you plenty of time to take in the scenery and get some sleep.
Here's the Google Map route.
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China Ranch Date Farm. By my recollection, the date shakes here are better than Shields and Dateland.
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Leave Vegas on the 160 about halfway to Pahrump turn left on Tecopa Rd, this is the old Spanish trail and the road to the China date ranch, have a soak at the tecopa hot springs and something to eat in nearby Shoshone, drive into the park on 178 this is the way to Badwater and Furnace creek, continue on the 190 to Stovepipe wells and Panamint Springs, all sorts of hikes start at the resort, drive up to Darwin check out the falls, back track to Panamint spings and south to beautiful Trona, Ridgecrest and beyond.
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