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My husband and I are moving some things from a small, provincial town in the UK to a small, provincial city in the US.

Mostly, what we want to move is books, although we do have some kitchen implements and a few clothes, etc. Because one tends to rent furnished in the UK, we have no furniture to move with the possible exception of a single chair. But mostly it's books. About a hundred or so books.

We've gotten some quotes from shipping companies for shipping a part-container by sea, but we didn't know if this was the cheapest method.

The Question: What is the cheapest way to undertake such a move? Does anybody have experience with a similar move that they would be willing to share? Or specific company recommendations?
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in summer of 2005 myself and my wife moved from the uk to the us. we used Seven Seas Worldwide Ltd. iirc their prices seemed reasonable and everything was delivered in 1 piece and within the time frame etc etc. we mainly moved the kind of things you are talking about: books, personal effects etc. be warned, however, there is a kg limit on each individual box (30kg). we used their own company boxes and a big old trunk of our own.
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Seconding Seven Seas, which I've used, but there are also special cheap rates for sending books, specifically, in the regular international mail, for example in an M-bag (scroll down). A hundred books is not that many and if you can wait a few weeks, and they're not rare books or something, I'd just ship them via the mail.
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3rd-ing and 4th-ing Seven Seas. See here. Though there may be cheaper options, you can easily work this out since (unusually) they provide prices on their web site.
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Another vote for SevenSeas which I got as a recommendation from MeFi. Both my former roomate and I relocated from Oxford to the US (diff cities) and have used them. I did consider the M-bag for my books but the Royal Mail site is upfront about the potential for books to get bashed about in transit, and for there to be water damage.
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We used a company called Coles to ship vinyl records from London to NYC, and they all arrived in perfect condition.
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Response by poster: Actually, I've done some calling around and Seven Seas had quoted me a price £150 more than either of the others (who have both quoted about £500, rather than £669). They charge per box, rather than per cubic volume, which is very expensive for us (we will have small boxes).

Thank you for all of your help, but I think I will go with one of the other companies - if they are good, I will try to post an update.
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Response by poster: Well, I had okay, but not brilliant service, so I'm not going to recommend or disparage the company.

But I did find out that small shippers are penalized. We had to pay £518 (about $1000 CND/USD) to ship 13 boxes or 38 ciubic feet. This was the same as the quote we had for 45 cubic feet. Under £50/box, but not brilliant.

I don't know if there are better solutions for people shipping small loads - I did search the Royal Mail website, and they mention M-bags, but then that sends me to bulk mailing for businesses (sending 100s of packages).
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