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Which series of prep books will best prepare one to ace CLEP tests?

I am planning on taking several College Level Examination Program tests to obtain credit for several undergraduate classes that I would prefer not to take (Freshman College Composition, College Algebra I, Chemistry, Biology) but are prerequisites for admission to the nursing program I am interested in. I am a bit of an autodidact and am confident that I can pass these tests if I prepare for them. I'm hoping to find excellent prep books for these subjects and several series exist for the CLEP in particular. Which series is the most helpful?
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Did you see this on Google?
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The English one is really, really easy. I suspect you'll have to take the essay version, and I don't know what the essay is like, but the rest of it is very similar to the SATs, possibly easier (due to not being as long or stressful). Multiple choice, some "pick which sentence to replace that other sentence with to make it more correct"... some reading comprehension. Since you seem to be a capable writer, I would spend all of your time studying for the other ones, and not get any books for the English one (or only get whatever book your public library has).
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I passed the Sociology one (76 out of 80!) a few weeks ago by reading this book and making a few notes in it. I also visited Audible.com and downloaded an audio study guide by VangoNotes for in-the-car learnin'.

I didn't study for the English Comp (with the essay) and passed that one with flying colors, too. anaelith is correct; the questions themselves are ridiculously easy for anyone who can write with the clarity you do. The essay was rather annoying, as the topic I was given wasn't at all inspiring. But, hey, it was 45 minutes out of my life.

I've taken and passed a couple of other exams, as well. I don't like the CLEP-specific study guides in the least. Finding topic-specific help, like textbooks from corresponding classes, seems to me to be the best way to go.
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