What to affordably get the wealthy executive friend?
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What to get the high level film exec for Christmas?

I have a very close friend from college who is a highly placed film executive so he is not hurting for money. However, he is still stuck in a smallish apt in NYC. I am tired of getting him things themed to items he is a fan of (e.g. Godzilla crap). He travels a lot and is ALWAYS busy. However, I don't get to see him that much, let alone keep track of what he owns or does not own.

So any thoughts on something unique ($20-$50 range) for the busy executive who has a geeky side to him and is about 30?
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A years worth of membership in the just-announced Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited program?

That way, if he travels and has a laptop/internet at hand, he'll always be three clicks away from some good ole fashioned comic geekery!
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A decent script? Never enough of those to go around.

You could get him started on a Bruckheimer-type obsession with an excellent fountain pen. Just don't let him try to keep up.
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A sweet razor.
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FIREFLY and SERENITY on DVD. Everyone I've given them to have loved them (and who knows, maybe he could get more made too).
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Give him the film rights to your first best-seller-- and a bottle of nice wine.
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Or any one of the random collection of gifts at the Oxfam online shop. Help needy people in the Third World and give your friend a laugh at the same time (and I bet he doesn't need more crap in his smallish apartment).
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