Where can I rent or borrow an hourglass?
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Where can I rent or borrow a good-sized hourglass in Southern California?

I'd like to use an hourglass as a prop for an upcoming speech. I don't anticipate needing the hourglass after the speech, and I hate clutter, so I don't particularly want to buy one. Said hourglass needs to be about 7-8 minutes in duration, and not one of those tiny game-sized timers, so it can be seen in a medium-sized room.

Prop store? Ye Olde Hourglass Rental? Any ideas?
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Best answer: Modern Props seems to have two.
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Response by poster: I suppose I should have realized that there are prop companies in Los Angeles. They do not ship, and that is a bit of a drive for me from San Diego. Thanks for the pointer, though--I'm of course hoping for local and free but we'll see.
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Best answer: A chandlery, (marine supplies shop), should have one, if you're willing to buy one. Try your yellow pages.

I don't think 7 minute or 8 minute hour glasses are common outside of math puzzles, but you could remove some sand by drilling a small hole with a glass-type drill bit (or a brass tube and abrasive slurry).
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Best answer: For completeness's sake, you can get an hourglass kit and fill it with 7 minutes of sand:
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