Leopard is a virus. That you pay for.
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I tried to install Leopard on my macbook, which is less than a year old. I got a kernel error, so I ran FSCK twice until no errors were showing up. I still get the blinking question mark, twice, then a normal boot sequence. Is this a software problem caused by Leopard (a friend's machine had the same response), a failing hard drive, or something else?

I can image my machine with a firewire drive and do a clean install, but should I be worried about the integrity of my drive?

Also, I used to have a separate windows partition that I removed a long time ago. I wonder if that is what caused Leopard to freak out. Why is Leopard so mean to me? What did I do wrong? How can I make this relationship work?

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Best answer: I don't think Leopard always clean installs over Tiger. Especially in cases where the user is a secret Unix afficiando who talks about things like FSCK. I've noticed things with Leopard that reinforce my belief, like the fact that I haven't been able to get X11 apps to run since I installed it.

If you still want to upgrade now, I'd recommend a fresh hard drive with nothing on it. I don't think your existing drive is bad. It just has something on it that Apple didn't expect.
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Response by poster: Ah, thanks. The X11 issue alone is reason to not upgrade. I can't live without Gimp and Inkscape, thank you. I am troubleshooting right now to find out what is missing or not supposed to be there.
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Best answer: Seconding the "just use a blank drive already" approach.

Apple's upgrade installers have had this problem since the eighties. A backup and fresh drive is always best.
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I've been very frustrated installing Leopard. I've installed it on four machines -- three had problems, and each problem was different. I've never had problems upgrading Mac OS before. Yes, it's probably not Apple's fault, but still. Come on. Where's that Mac user experience I'm so used to? I pay extra for it, and it's a shocker when I'm given flashbacks to my former PC life...
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X11 is borked because they are using a new build of it (the new one after the x.org spin off, etc.)

Read more about it here:

Or just do an archive and install. it will save your home folder, and clear away everything else, and bring your account over also, in most cases.
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Look, this is a major rehaul of much of the os. Don't blame apple if they can't guess what 99 things you may have done.

Plus, nobody should 'kick the tires' unless they have a backup of everything.
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Update: I have Gimp running again (at least that's one X11 app) by following the directions here and then getting the latest Gimp (release candidate 3).
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