RADIUS without realms?
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RADIUS without realms?

I have been searching for a solution to this, to no avail. We are using RADIUS to authenticate users for network access using login name/password and @realm.

I would like to do away from the @realm completely, however we use two different RADIUS servers. Which server a user authenticate is currently determined by a RADIUS proxy server using the users @realm.

Is there a way to forward RADIUS requests to the appropriate RADIUS server based on the client IP address?

Or is there a way for a RADIUS proxy to query one server, and not getting a positive response, then query the other server?
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All of that is possible, sure.

Download FreeRADIUS. I'm pretty sure its configuration file can handle what you described. (Disclosure: I worked on that project for several months, about 10 years ago. Yay, Free software!)

OTOH, why do you want to get rid of the realm-qualification? You have a good reason, right?
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Response by poster: I have a good reason. I have been reading FreeRADIUS documentation and could not see any provisioning for this type of setup.
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It's there. I've done something very similar myself, for a few hundred RADIUS clients and 20 or so realms.

It's not a single LikeDoomtopWantsIt configuration flag. You have to put a few pieces together.
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