But I liked my old camera...
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Someone stole my Canon SD400 the other day and I need to replace it. Preferably with another Canon, but their current line-up is bewildering with 7 current SD models. Can anyone help me sort it out? I had no major problems with the SD400.
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I have heard nothing but awesome about the SD1000. In fact, that's the only SD camera I could name.

The blogosphere likes it...

...will you?
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I have the SD1000 (on the advice of people at the last metachat meetup, after I broke my kodak easyshare camera) and I love it.
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Best answer: Get one of the models with IS (image stabilization) in the model name. This help to make your shots less blurry, especially in low light situations. It has made a big difference in most of the photos I take.

As for a specific model, they are all pretty much the same with the exception of megapixels. If you are happy with the clarity and detail of your SD400, I'd say save the cash and get the lowest end IS model: SD800 IS.
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I think the SD1000 is probably the closest match today. I think if I was getting a new compact camera, I'd probably get that one. I might be tempted by whichever compact canon has a true wide-angle (28mm equiv) lens, or by one of the Fuji's with a larger sensor.

You could also look around and see if anyone is still selling older stock of the SD600.
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One more thing about image stabilization, it's automatic. So the camera worries about all the details, not you. So in general, you should be more satisfied with the clarity of your photos without even learning anything new.
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Image stabilization is a nice feature, but if you don't generally have problems with motion blur in your pictures, then I would recommend the SD750. It has a larger LCD screen, which I have found to be a lot of fun.
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Best answer: The SD1000 is really nice, but I ended up opting for the SD800 for a few reasons. IS is the biggest one - you don't realize you're missing it until you've got it. And the slightly wider-angle lens and better reviews sold me. But the prices were a lot closer together when I got it (late Spring). Now it looks like the SD1000 is $75 cheaper. A side-by-side comparison of the high-end Canons will show you how very similar they all are.
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DarkoBeta: "Image stabilization is a nice feature, but if you don't generally have problems with motion blur in your pictures..."

Don't think this way. If you don't experience motion blur, you're using your flash too much. Image stabilization and ISO 1600 open up your photography options so much.
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I've got the SD1000 and it's a great camera. Much like the SD400, but a 7.1 mp with a few new bells and whistles. Great picture quality. Can't speak to the image stabilization, but I'm very happy with what I've got.
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There are two sources of motion blur, a moving camera and a moving subject. Image Stabilization only helps with the former, so IS may not solve yout blurring problems, especially with the shorter focal lengths you'll likely use indoors.
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Response by poster: Wow. The SD1000 is only $180? That's crazy.

But the IS is tempting. I hate flash, so I'm always using tricks to get around using it, like using multi-shot or bracing against the wall. Hmm, $75 is quite a premium.
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For what it's worth I love my SD800IS. I am also flash averse, and I find the IS to be a really great feature in terms of reducing blur.
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If someone took the IS out of my SD800, I would pay them $100 to put it back in.
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Response by poster: So, I bought an SD 800 IS from Amazon after I read all these responses, and I already got it, which is pretty impressive of them.

First impressions:
  1. It's a bit thicker than an SD400. Almost as thick as an S400. I knew this but I still don't really like it. Thin is paramount when you want to put it in your pocket.
  2. The slider to select modes on my old SD400 is better than the wheel on the SD800. Too stiff and fidgety. Maybe it will loosen up. Canon seems to go back and forth on this element. I think they like the wheel because you can have more options -- which I never use.
  3. It seems faster, plus has more gee-whiz UI stuff. Cross-fading between photos is nifty.
  4. The LCD is noisier when previewing in low-light. But bigger. This seems to happen every time they enlarge the LCD.
  5. Giving the ISO setting its own button is a very smart improvement. Much better than using that for auto-focus-mode.
  6. Most important... The photos seem to be quite nice so far. I haven't had a chance to really try the IS yet.

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