Come on, Powerpoint. Help me fade in and out of videos.
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Can I use Powerpoint like a video cue playback system for a theatrical performance?

I am trying to manipulate a WMV file in Powerpoint for playback in a theatrical production. I have several videos that I need to fade into and then out of at a moment's call - think lighting cue-type playback. Am I dreaming with this? I thought my Google-Fu was pretty strong, but I can't find anything good on doing this correctly.

I've tried all of the animations, placing them before the video, having the video play with previous, etc. Nothing. Is there a trick to this? I have a black slide before and after the video too, that didn't make a bit of difference.

Is it possible to fade into a video in Powerpoint, and then fade OUT of the video on a spacebar press? More importantly, is there a program that might be better than Powerpoint and still be freeware (or relatively inexpensive) that would be more efficient at what I need to do?

The only other thing I can think of is to make the videos fade in and out in Premier, and then get the timing EXACTLY right. This kinda defeats the purpose of having a playback system that can artistically fade in and out of a video in case lines are skipped or rushed.

Thanks in advance, as always.
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I don't believe it is possible to build the fade in Powerpoint, I don't think the video will play until the slide is fully reloaded.

Also, I would tend not to do this with Powerpoint, it's not all that great at video playback, in my experience.

I don't know of any video software offhand that does this, but I suspect some of the VJ applications will do it. Another option could be to find a little mixer (there's one called the Videonics MX-1 that used to be popular, they are quite easy to come by).
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This application (PHLUMX) looks like it might be able to do what you want.

Otherwise there's this List of VJ Software on Wikipedia. I'm sure something there will do the job.
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I saw a recent production of Batboy at a local performing arts high school. They used PowerPoint slides (stills and videos) on three or four widescreen projection monitors to create their set. Worked like a champ ... though during intermission, I did see the actual PowerPoint edit screen for a minute.

So it could be done if you're looking for an inexpensive solution.
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