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I'd like to try out working with a life coach - do any Mefites have any personal recommendations? I'm in LA, but I know most work by phone/ email so geographical location shouldn't be a problem.
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May I hijack this very slightly to simply ask the OP: what is a life coach, and how does he or she differ from psychiatric or psychological treatment? I've heard the term but never really learned the specifics.
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WCityMike: Therapy vs Coaching Chart
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I have worked with a life coach educated by Coach U. I'd recommend that you explore their website and find a coach that fits your needs.

I was very pleased by the coaching experience. Be aware that it does require work and effort on your part, too!!
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I've also been intrigued by the idea of coaching and would be very interested in hearing more detailed descriptions of the coaching process and experiences others have had.

For me, coaching tends to be associated with either goofy new-agey spirituality one step away from men with ponytails, John Tesh in the hot tub and ear-coning, or at the other extreme Tony Robbins infomercial obsessiveness with success. The heavy emphasis on training and coaching other coaches and selling courses in becoming a coach adds a Herbalife pyramid ponzi-ness to the enterprise.

Am I the only person with this impression? To what extent is it accurate? Obviously there's never going to be a substitute for individual judgment, but are there any indicators or criteria that people have used to avoid duds and find a really good coach?
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> WCityMike: Therapy vs Coaching Chart

Thank you for the response, although I don't know as I agree with almost any comment made about conventional therapy on that chart. Still, this isn't the place for an extended discussion on same, so I'll defer to people who have an actual answer for you.
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Here in LA... "life coach" is a code-word for "unemployed writer".
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WCityMike: If that chart's distinctions between therapy ("past → present") and life coaching ("present → future" !) didn't make you gag then here's a mandatory Bullshit! link.

Of course not all life coaches are full of that (an unqualified faux-psychiatrist might help some people) but good friends can do much the same and for those more focused there are almost always more appropriate organisations (for business: business mentor networks, for spiritual growth there are humanist groups).
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Geri Grossman is a life coach I know personally, and I have utmost respect for her.
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I worked with one in Portland, Oregon. For starters, I would find one who will meet face to face. That will weed out many of the unemployed writer types. I find it odd that many will not agree to meet in person.

The benefit to a life coach is basically having someone listen to your ideas, plans, etc., and help you shape them.

I used a life coach to work on my resume and cover letter in order to better sell myself.

If I had to do it over, I would use a good friend, someone who knows me better.
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The chairman of Envision-U and his wife are friends of mine, and I can't recommend their individual programs highly enough. After attending one of their seminars as part of a mandatory work thing, I ended up completing their 45-Day Challenge twice, as well as one cycle of their WealthBuilders group. I also did some transcribing work for them and got to hear some of their programs that way. I do know they offer one-on-one coaching as well, though I don't have direct experience with that. I can definitely vouch for the quality of their programs and materials, and tell you that the people running this group are wonderfully supportive, motivating individuals.
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