Ping pong in Portland?
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Where can I play ping-pong (or table tennis) in Portland, Oregon?

Aside from the few places provided by, which are all far away from where I live, where in this town can a couple of people go to play ping pong? There are enough shuffleboard tables in this town there has to be at least one bar that has found a way to make room for a ping pong table.

The closer to inner SE portland, the better.
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Slabtown has a ping pong table.
I know Billy Ray's used to, but I haven't been there in a while and it was outside, so probably not the best option.
Ron Toms on 6th and E. burnside has an outdoor table also.
If you don't want to play at bars, they have a table at the St. Johns Racquet Club. Not sure if they charge you. I would also call the Avalon on Belmont. They probably have a table.

Good Luck....
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Aside from being an all around great place to hang out, Zach's Shack around SE 46th(?) and Hawthorne had a table in the back and some pretty regular games. I just got back into town after a few months, so it may be down for winter. But Zach was pretty into it, so you should give him a call and ask.
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Response by poster: Thanks smithygreg! So far it looks like Slabtown and rontoms are my best bets. I think Billy Ray's has closed and the Avalon on belmont definitely doesn't have a table.
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you're going to want to check out bumblekiss, too. not a bar, but they have excellent breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as a ping pong table. i can't find a website for them, but they're just off fremont, in the beaumont neighborhood.
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Are you sure Billy Rays closed? Billy Reeds closed and it was only a block or two away.
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Response by poster: ahhh, Billy Reeds is what I was thinking of that closed. Sorry for the confusion.
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