I need suggestions for a bachelor party in Singapore.
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I need suggestions for a bachelor party in Singapore.

I’m best man at a wedding in December in Singapore. It’ll be my first visit there and first bachelor party I’ve organized. To create a memorable day/evening, I could use some general bachelor party advice and Singapore specific information.

I'm thinking: 1) some day activity (unusual/adventurous), 2) great dinner in a remarkable setting, and 3) perhaps some light debauchery (I’m thinking a Vegas-style ‘gentleman’s club’, as we’re all adverse to paid bodily fluid exchange/crotch crickets.)

Thoughts? Suggestions?
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strangely, Singapore frowns on western-style debauchery... yet they allow children of 16 to sell themselves as prostitutes.

In this part of the world, the Karaoke bar in the red-light district is going to be the closest you get to a Spearmint Rhino type experience.

Look it up on google, there are tons of red-light-type districts in Singapore.
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Beware the mangina!
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(unless that's your sort of thing, of course...)
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is the groom singaporean/familiar with singapore? if so, just bear in mind that what may seem exotic to you may well be rather ordinary to him.

day activity...hmmm...is waterskiing/wakeboarding unusual/exotic? there's a waterskiing auto tow thingmajig (no boat involved) near the jumbo seafood restaurant on east coast parkway. you could spend a day tooling about at the beach, have a few beers, do a little waterskiing? or hire a boat for the day from the marina complete with a driver? if you get a boat from the tuas marina for the day, perhaps you could round out your afternoon with a trip to the tiger beer factory (complete with complementary tasting session at the end).

great dinner/remarkable setting: if you've got the money to splurge, Au Jardin Les Amis offers fabulous food at a beautiful restaurant located in the botanic gardens.

for the light debauchery....i'm more or less at a loss for what to suggest...i guess you could always head to orchard towers? it's a night club, typically full of raucous and drunken debauchery most nights after about midnight or 1am (note that it is sometimes dubbed as 'four floors of whores') - it wouldn't be my personal favourite way to top off an evening (particularly one that involved eating at Au Jardin!) but maybe fits what I think you're asking for?
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My pal is from Singapore (duh) - I'll ask him...
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