Seattle; Pacific Medical Centers, considering a job, tell me what you know about them...
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I'm considering a job with Pacific Medical Centers but am new to Seattle and do not have the contacts and resources to get the "inside scoop" on them. Need your advice.

Hello All,

I'm considering a "high level" health care job with Pacific Medical Centers in Seattle. The offer seems good and the administration seems solid and friendly.

My understanding is that Pac Med has gone through some tough times in the past, has, in the past, had a poor reputation, but now is in a renaissance period and changing for the better.

However, I am new to the area and do not know much about how Pac Med is perceived in the health care market amongst medical professionals and lay people. Tell me everything you can about them; I'll use this info in considering a position with them. Do you know whether they really are changing for the better or is this lipservice?

I'm looking for a company with a vision and the resources to accomplish that vision; that strives to be top notch.

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call them, ask about the business model and financials. review the balance sheet with them.
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Currently my family is one of their customers. For the most part we've been pleased with their performance and they compare favorably with the local HMO Group Health in terms of ease of use. I cannot give you a comparison to their previous incarnation from lack of experience, but the rumors about their being pretty bad were common knowledge so we never even considered them when we had that option. Sorry this is only an opinion, but I'm sure your research will bear out that they've improved.
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thanks for the info so far.
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