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Is there a way to migrate AutoCorrect entries from Word 2003 (for Windows) to Word 2004 (for OSX)?

I just bought a new MacBook. Whee! Now I'm in the process of learning how to use this thing as well as migrate all my files to the new system. Is there a way to move an already generated AutoCorrect database into Word 2004?
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Here's how you back up what you have. Likely the new Word ('07?) uses the same file name for the backup file as previous version did. If it's really '04, though, it doesn't seem to be listed on the Knowledge Base.
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Response by poster: That's to shift between two computers running Word 2003. The difference is that 2004 is for Macs. I'm really clueless here - how do I import once I've backed up?
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Oh, I see, when I include Mac as a search term, 2004 turns up. There must be something in the knowledge base. This is as far as I got. If you can't find it, they are actually pretty quick at responding with a link to what it is you couldn't find. The knowledge base, as they call it, is pretty extensive. Good luck.
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