Did a gmail update break greasemonkey?
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Did a gmail update break greasemonkey?

I noticed today that all of my greasemoneky scripts (super clean, multiple signature) stopped working. Did anyone else notice the same thing? Are there any work-arounds?
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Gmail updates broke lots of stuff for me, but not Greasemonkey.
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I'm having the same problem with that Gmail manager thingy. Sigh.
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Best answer: Greasemonkey still works but the scripts you use for gmail don't work on new gmail. However, you can still point your browser to


(change in bookmarks too if it's hiding there) and get the old gmail with all your scripts working. I'm also using a Firefox add-on called Redirector which can make requests for gmail redirect to the old URL. Details on how to do that and more in this thread about how to use it.
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From the Official Gmail Blog:
One side effect of this change is that if you're using third-party Gmail extensions, they're likely to stop working. We've contacted a number of the developers behind some popular extensions and provided them with an opportunity to create fixes, so check back with them for updates. We're sorry that it may be a bit of a inconvenience, but we're trying to make this change as smooth as possible.
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I'm having problems with Gmail Manager too. Glad it's not just me. Weird, some accounts work, others don't. Reinstall and changing the order of the accounts didn't help either. Wah.
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Weird, some accounts work, others don't.

Google often slowly rolls out changes to accounts rather than doing a big change for everyone at the same time. Case in point, IMAP support for one of my accounts showed up over a week after people first reported seeing it.
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I don't know if you use Gmail Macros or not (and if you don't, you should!), but if you do, there's a version for the updated Gmail here.
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Not an answer to the original question, so maybe off-topic, but...

Here's a patch to fix the problems with Gmail manager. It changed my life.
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Thanks. My Gmail Manager is only working for one account right now, but fortunately I'm lonely and afraid and nobody likes me I don't get that much mail on the one that isn't working so it hasn't been a big deal. I knew they were making changes but it looks like they're going to be good ones.

Now if only Google would let me search Google News Archive by month ... or print Google Docs in landscape. *sigh*
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Interestingly, if you look at the Gmail Macros link (Which goes to the blog of a Googler) that phaded mentioned, you'll note:

"For those of you adventurous enough to look at the script source, you'll notice that it uses a gmonkey object that is present on the window, which in turn gets you a gmail object with methods like getNavPaneElement() and getActiveViewType(). What this means is that this version of Gmail, in addition to being faster, also has semi-official support for Greasemonkey scripts."

The API can be found here for the moment:

Kinda nifty.
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Hey, muudpuppie, thanks for the link to the patch. Fixed my Gmail Manager problem. Yay!
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To know most easily if your gmail has been updated, look in the top right -- if there's a link for "Older Version", then you have the new one.
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For those having trouble with Gmail Manager, a new version with the patch included is already out (direct link). It's been working great for me.
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