Direct response marketing sources that don't induce nausea
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I've a midterm tomorrow on direct response marketing, but if I look at my notes one more time I'll projectile vomit. Can someone recommend a podcast or engaging article I can chill out to instead?
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This American Life is chock full of engaging, yet chillaxing material.
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Oh, wait, I didn't get that you wanted podcasts or articles related to direct response marketing. Sorry about that!
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Response by poster: But chillaxing is good ignignokt. I'll check it out after the midterm :)

I need to try and cram a bit more dm into my brain before tomorrow however.
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Best answer: I used to pretend that I was studying for my own business and how I would apply the things I was reading over and over. Then I would dream about how much money I would make. As for podcast, I didn't find any that didn't make me want to puke.

Denny Hatch has some good stuff that has enlightened me from time to time. His e-newsletter is pretty good. If you go to his sight you can click on the top there (the link is in blue) and see the thing. If you look around you might be able to find some back copies. Scan through some of them and you might find some good nuggets.
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I think you should get a good nights rest instead. Trying to cram the night before a big test just jumbles your brain and everything starts to blend together. Trust that everything you need to know is already safely tucked away in your brain. It is much better to go in rested than on 4 hours of sleep and 500 index cards worth of notes. Good luck, you'll do fine!
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!
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