A longform article about morning radio show hosts' conference
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Some time in the past 10 years, but likely in 2005-2008, I read a long magazine article that I'd like to find again. The reporter hung around a conference, or convention, of morning zoo radio show hosts. Discussions revolved around stunts and gimmicks, how to deal with the early hours while being consistently fake & peppy, and the like. I seem to recall the author noted the number of Hawaiian shirts present and how male-dominated the scene was. The conference was a huge party, but with some depressed-seeming attendees. This article might've been from Esquire, GQ, or Rolling Stone. I might have seen it on MetaFilter, even! It was not an Onion article. Googling this is proving incredibly challenging.
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Was it from David Foster Wallace's The Host?
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Response by poster: I'm 99% sure that's not it.
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Best answer: What about this?

"Who Will Shock the Children?"

Author: Alex Pappademas
Source: GQ: Gentlemen's Quarterly, Mar2008, Vol. 78 Issue 3, p222-229

[about] the Morning Show Boot Camp 2007 convention in Chicago, Illinois ... Psychologist Perry W. Buffington presented a lecture on circadian rhythms and the psychology of time. Buff explains that morning radio shows tend to be ribald because morning is the time where people are most sexual. The article also provides information relevant to the events during the conference.
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Response by poster: I bet it is! I don't have access to GQ or Ebscohost via any of my academic institutions, though. If anybody could send me a copy, that'd be great! Thanks, kristi!
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Response by poster: kristi has sent me a copy and it is the article I was hoping it was. Anybody else who's interested, I'll pass it on gladly.
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