Who is this musical artist?
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Who is performing the song playing on this webpage?

Bonus question: is this typical of her (their) sound?
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From the page source it looks like it might be the swingle singers. If the file name is to be trusted they sing the largo from Bach's harpsichord concerto in f minor.
posted by AwkwardPause at 3:01 PM on November 6, 2007

Check out the source code on the page: the Swingle Singers' adaptation of Bach's "Largo" from the Harpsichord Concerto in F Minor. Version found here.
posted by mykescipark at 3:02 PM on November 6, 2007

Never heard of Swingle Singers, but she sounds a little like Enya.
posted by HotPatatta at 4:28 PM on November 6, 2007

I was going to say Swingle Singers, you can find their records in thrift stores all the time. Good stuff for sampling.
posted by cloeburner at 7:48 PM on November 6, 2007

Response by poster: I heard a bit of Enya in it too, but fresh and soothing like Enya was the first time I heard her, not like the 3,000th time I heard her!
posted by mbatch at 10:55 AM on November 7, 2007

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