Recent Blonde Redhead stuff is good - what else?
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I like Blonde Redhead's last two albums, but none of their earlier stuff, what other music should I listen to?

I like the vocals (male and female)...I love the drumming...and the floatiness is good. I approach them as a fan of Cocteau Twins and the like, rather than the Sonic Youth side of the spectrum. I do like the fact their music is quite guitar-y though. Any recommendations? Cheers.
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my bloody valentine.
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rilo kiley.
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aw hell. Imogen Heap, Frou Frou, Ladytron
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Maybe the Swirlies, but they might be just a tad too discordant.

Seconding MBV. Maybe Cranes or Swans.
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i surprised that so many are recommending MBV, as they most certainly are more similar to blonde redhead's earlier stuff (the discordance, cacophony, etc.).

i'll happily suggest:
midnight movies* (they just finished up a tour with blonde redhead)
giant drag*

and since you're a fan of the cocteau twins, i'd suggest that you check out lush.

* disclaimer: i am friends with the members of both bands.
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Bang Gang
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Definitely Slowdive - also try working your way through these two recent posts.
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Enon, who share members with Blonde Redhead, and whose last couple albums have been decidedly more BR in sound.
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