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For Halloween this year, my costume (similar to this one) is a giant, inflatable, flesh-colored penis. Can I get in any trouble with the law for wearing it out in public? And does it make a difference whether that day is Halloween or not?
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This may be one of those things that is better to find out BEFORE you buy the costume...

As for Halloween, it only matters on whether or not the police officer feels slightly more lenient than normal. No specific statutes that I am aware of raise the threshold of obsenity for specific days of the year.
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YMMV - it's going to depend on local mores and the law enforcement officer you encounter.

They might treat you dickishly, or perhaps they'll just have a laugh at your get-up. Please report back on your experiences.
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You can probably get into lots of trouble for wearing it in public; not necessarily from police, though. I can imagine you would probably piss off some parents who are trying to ensure that their kids have a good time.

Are you going to wear this to a party or do you intend on trick-or-treating with it on? I highly advise against doing the latter.

To put it this way, if you were walking around my neighborhood in a giant penis costume and there were minors within visible distance from you, I'd call the cops.
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Response by poster: I'm going out downtown, barhopping well past 10pm.
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if you go to the West Hollywood parade tonight, the only thing you will have to worry about is how many other guys wore the exact same costume as you.

But other parts of the country may react more hysterically (see above)
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No idea how a penis costume would go over with the law, but I have a feeling it won't go over too well with the ladies. (A flop, if you will.) Hope you're not planning on picking anyone up.
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You could conceivably be fined or worse for indecency, or, if there's a minor around, indecency in front of a minor.

Most likely though any cop would have other things to worry about.
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Response by poster: Actually, you'd be surprised....I went to a party over the weekend with it, and I was the life of the party. Every person came up and talked to me. Then yada yada yada I woke up with a big grin on my face the next morning.
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This made me laugh out loud. The image of the 8 foot penis getting on the subway for mid-morning commute. I say give it a shot, see what happens.
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If you were in Austin, TX going out on 6th street, I'd say you'd just be competing with the other 2 or 3 giant inflatable penises I see every year. If you're going to the wild part of town, I wouldn't have any worries.
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It might be a problem.
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If it's going to be after 10pm, I don't think it's going to be a problem. In my county, registered sex offenders are required to be indoors and away from decorations and trick or treaters from 5 - 9, with the assumption being that, after 9, most kids are back home. Especially since it's a school night. I'd wear the costume.
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I've seen this costume at least five times over the past three yearrs and the wearer always seemed happy-go-lucky, for a giant dick. I doubt anyone will think you're that edgy.
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They might treat you dickishly, or perhaps they'll just have a laugh at your get-up.

Bravo, sir/madam! Also: great costume idea, and as most posters have suggested, the reaction it generates will have everything to do with locale and context.
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