Satyr-day Night Fever
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Looking for a tutorial / advice on making satyr-style digitigrade stilts for a Halloween costume.

Some satyr costumes I've seen use padding to create the effect of digitigrade legs, such as this one:

Others use actual stilts, hidden with a fur covering.

I want to use actual stilts, in the style of the second link. Unfortunately, all of the tutorials I can find online to make satyr legs either use just padding or make the stilts using a process that's outside my budget/ability.

I have a minimal budget (maybe $50), a drill, a hammer, and potentially access to other basic tools. (I have the fake fur already - the budget's just for the construction of the stilts.)

My understanding is that I should probably use shoes as a base and attach wood to them to provide support and a base. But I know absolutely nothing about working with wood, or even if this is a good method. I'd be walking in these, after all, so I want to make something that's both sturdy and looks decent.

Two subquestions:

- What's a good way to conceal the stilts from all directions, including from below? Is there a sturdy object/material that can endure a lot of pressure?

- How can I sew the legs without creating obvious seams?
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Ya mean something like this maybe, chief?
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