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How do I move a folder containing a wmv video to a dvd?

I received an email with a link to a short video. I downloaded to to my desktop after I played it. It is a wmv file and plays perfectly. I want to copy that folder from my desktop to a blank DVD so that it can be viewed on another computer. I use Win XP SP2 and have Roxio Easy Media Creator Suite 9. I try to drag it to the disk but it tells me their is a problem and cannot proceed. I have tried it with anoter new dvd and still can't do that. Is there a way to get that video on a dvd to play on another computer. It would be great to be able to put it on a dvd to play in a regular dvd player. But it would be great for it to play on a computer at least.
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I haven't used Roxio more than a couple of times, so forgive me...

Are you asked to choose the format of the dvd before you try and drag the file over? If so, are you choosing some type of video dvd?

If you are, that's likely your problem. You want to choose a data dvd format. This will produce a disk that another computer can use.

To create a disk that a dvd player can play requires converting the video format to something your player can handle and really, is a whole different problem.
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I'm not familiar with the software your using but I'm assuming that there are options for choosing 'Create A DVD Movie' and 'Create A Data DVD' and that you're choosing the former. You can only make DVD movies, ones that you could play on a regular DVD player, with videos encoded to MPEG-2. What you want is a Data DVD, one that just happens to contain a video file.
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Er, what utsutsu said.
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It's become more common for DVD burning software to come with the capability to make a video DVD, or at least come with a companion piece of software to do it. Nero, for example, (at least in v6, the last rev I bothered to buy) comes with NeroVision, which will transcode (convert) whatever video file format you throw at it.

It's time consuming, but you can do it. I think the trial version of Nero is fully functional so you could go download it and use it for this one purpose without having to drop the coin if you'll never care to do this again.
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Thank you all so much. I was able to make a "data" dvd and it plays on my computer.
I discovered that I could take the downloaded wmv file and since I have MCE 2005 I used the MY_DVD option and was able to simply create the downloaded file on dvd that will play on the dvd player. It seems simple NOW. But it was not simple when I began. Thanks again.
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