Digital camera movies into an iPod?
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When movies taken with a digital camera have been transferred to iPhoto, how to get one out to one's iPod to show around?

My dad has a Canon Digital IXUS 950 IS, and syncs the camera with his Mac with his photos and the occasional movie ending up in the iPhoto library. Now, he would like to transfer a couple of these movies to his video iPod. I know you need to do this via iTunes, but i cannot even make the movies show there much less transfer them over. Help the poor iPodless son.
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So the video plays fine in iPhoto?

Try this:

Open iPhoto, select movie to go on ipod. Drag to desktop. What is the file extension?

You may need to open in Quicktime player and export as a .mov. Then you should be able to copy to itunes.
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you'll need isquint ( or videora to convert to a format than can be processed by your ipod.
see websites of those progs for more info.
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Go to iMovie. You can drag the clip into iMovie from iPhoto. You can edit or whatever else you'd like to do in iMovie, and then when you're done, click "Share" in the top menubar. One of the options in the list is iPod. It will size and format the movie for the iPod, and then it will place the completed version in iTunes, so that it will sync with the iPod next time it's connected.
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